Mozambican families / Photo by ASM
About the ASM LabCap Program

In resource-limited countries, a lack of training, proper reagents, supplies, and equipment has impacted their laboratories' ability to identify key pathogenic bacteria and detection of antimicrobial resistance. This has led to an environment of syndromic diagnosis by clinicians who have little confidence in the accuracy and quality of laboratory test results. The ASM LabCap Program is addressing this issue by strengthening and expanding clinical microbiology services in these regions, primarily through the training of laboratory staff. The program began in 2005.

As the world's oldest and largest single life science membership organization, ASM is well-equipped to play a major role in the global fight against infectious diseases. More than 5,000 members are clinical microbiologists, many with years of experience developing assurance/quality control programs, managing labs, instituting good laboratory practices, and training on and designing diagnostic tools and procedures. ASM is able to rapidly engage these experts as consultants to provide clinical microbiology technical assistance.

ASM LabCap Mission and Goals

LabCap's mission is to build global laboratory capacity for all clinical microbiology in resource-limited countries. LabCap's goals are to:

  • Develop and package training tools using new and existing resources through a consensus approach
  • Monitor and evaluate program progress and impact in order to identify best practices
  • Create sustainability at national levels through quality-assured programs and working with in-country partners